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Version 0.82 (stable)

JFwadmin is a high level GUI for ipchains and a reporting tool for your current firewall configuration. The GUI displays easy to understand "services", which are composed of several rules. Features include scripts generation, automatic interfaces and IP addresses and routes detection, current status display. It handles MASQ modules and port forwarding.

Why should you use it ? Because it's got a smart rules matching engine, and displays your firewall configuration whenever you want. And adding a "Anti-spoofing service" or "Log denied packets" is really simple.

It's user-friendly, but requires a basic knowledge of packets firewalls. It's written in Java 2 (tm), and is distributed under GPL license.

Feedback is welcome (bugs ?). See help page for basic support.



  • JDK 1.2.2 for Linux :
  • A fully configured kernel for ipchains packet firewalling
  • The ipchains binaries




Recommended version : JFwadmin-0.82.tar.gz (~230 Kb)

JFwadmin-0.8.tar.gz (~270 Kb)

JFwadmin-0.71.tar.gz (~110 Kb)




There's only one screenshot from the last version. Making good screenshots is so boring ...

(0.82) Pop-up menu on Output services window

(0.71) Add anti spoofing dialog
(subnet masks are applied later)

(0.8) The main panel with window menu

(0.71) Add input service dialog
(subnet masks are applied later, or you specify)

(0.8) Pop-up menu on MASQ modules window



Devel version

Develoment version is 0.9.
Why 0.9 ? because it's pretty stable.
Now there's work to enable
remote firewall administration (without remote X cause it's too slow in Java).